Soya Beancurd 豆花

Chilled Soya Beancurd

Last year, a new craze has set Singaporeans queuing for hours. The new obsession of Soya beancurd dessert - a simple, custard pudding that is sweet, light and thirst quenching during a hot day (which is almost every other day in Singapore).  


Nats Chilled Soya Beacurd is an East meets West dessert introduced by Siang Poh Wang Food Industries. Our freshly made chilled soya beancurd is incomparably soft and silky smooth, which melts and bursts in your mouth! Our chilled soya beancurds are made from non-genetically modified soybean and will definitely create a new taste sensation to all bean curd and pudding lovers. 


  • Original Soya Beancurd
  • Almond Soya Beancurd
  • Blueberry Soya Beancurd
  • Honeydew Soya Beancurd